Let us change your home, office or any other place into a brand new space


We are a Cape Town based construction company. We specialize in Refurbishment , painting , waterproofing and general renovations 

Where we are from

Initially, we were known as Project Bureau and we started trading on the 1st if June in 2010, in Johannesburg, by project managing the conversion of office blocks to luxury apartments.

We also then created student accommodation throughout Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

After which, in 2017 moved to Cape Town, focusing on High-end Cape Town market, and we’ve been delivering to our happy clients since.

At the peak of the Covid lockdown in 2020, where all industries were affected,

we realised that no matter where people work, live or play we’re all stuck in spaces within

our own universe and we work in all those spaces. This gave birth to our new brand, SPACE MAN.

How can we help

Space-Man has the capacity to assist you from the bottom up giving you a turn-key solution for any refurbishment and conversion projects you may require at your Home,Office, Ware house or any other space you need contract work done.

We are happy to furnish you with an obligation free quote to improve your space,with an experience that’s out of this world